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Welcome to Average Joe's where we feature everyday guys with amazing models way out of their league. In this latest video we get ahold of sexy Little Mina. Mina came by to do shoot with one of our Avg Joes who happens to be abit older and chunky. We start this hot video with Mina looking all cute with her Pink and Blue dyed hair slowly sucking on Joe's limp cock. She slowly works her magical tongue and mouth up and down his shaft making his cock swell up. Mina then teases the head alittle with some pee hole licking then right back to ramming her mouth down his erect throbbing cock. Once she has his cock at full attention she climbs on top of him and slowly slides it into her warm, wet, shaven pussy. Mina slowly starts to ride his cock while she makes out with this lucky SOB. As you can see Mina gets very excited at this point and we see tons of cream all over our Avg Joe's cock as she works it deeper in her. We hear Mina moan as she cums then she changes it up for reverse cow girl so our Joe can get in real deep. She lays back and he proceeds to thrust his cock deep in her as she screams in ecstasy. At this angle you can see Mina's famous rather large swollen clit fully exposed which is super hot! They then switch it up once again since Mina is tired and our Joe bends her over and starts just jack hammering Little Mina's pussy like there is no tomorrow. Mina continues to scream and moan as her perfect pussy is being pleasured until finally our Joe pulls out and dumps his hot creamy white load all over her perfectly round tan Asian ass and Mina looks like shes about to pass out