Kaitlen #2: Her Cuck's Older Coworker

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Kaitlen returns to us with another video. This time she is fucking her cuck's older coworker. Her cuck has been falling behind at work and it has the boss's attention. His coworker who knows about their open relationship, offered to help out if he would let him fuck his wife. While unhappy that he brought this to her, she decided to fulfill two goals. She has been wanting to fuck an older guy for awhile, and two she has him take pictures so that if her cuck gets out of line again, she will have his coworker spread the naughty photos all around at his job! Watch Kaitlen explore an older guy and get her revenge at the same time! As always, she records the whole thing from a camera in the corner of the room so her cuck can watch all the action later on (and so can we!). She starts by masturbating, getting him nice and hard, followed by giving him a blowjob on her knees. She works him up really well, so much so that when bending over to pick up clothes, he comes behind her and starts fucking her doggystyle hard! Slapping her ass and telling her to take his cock, he fucks her until she cums! Then she gets on top and rides his dick, letting him squeeze her boobs while talking dirty to her. He finishes by cumming in her pussy as she rides to the finish! If you enjoyed this video, check out the other Kaitlen submissions