Stuck Under A Bed - Luna Lain

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This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me at Luna Lain Modeling at g m a i l dot com <BR><BR> Luna Lain struggles to reach under the bed for her phone but can't reach it. Sticking her head all the way under she realizes that she can't escape. Contorting in different positions, she struggles for release but it's of no use. <BR><BR> Using her phone she calls for help, but they only laugh at her situation. She would be so embarrassed if they saw her cotton white panties exposed as her legs kick and flail. The Keds sneakers don't give any leverage or traction to get free. <BR><BR> Since she isn't going anywhere, her hands dart between her legs and rub her clit. She finds the situation amusing and makes the best use of her time! Moans of frustration morph into moans of pleasure. Her body convulses as she cums and she weakly tries to get free, but it's of no use! <BR><BR> OTHER KEYWORDS- humor, legs, orgasms, solo female, solo masturbation, damsel in distress, DID, Luna Laine, Luna Lane, humour, sneakers, runners, leg fetish, kicking