Freedom Mindfuck


Candy Glitter

American / United States
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You might be “free” in theory, but you know that you only have as much freedom as I allow you. You are my property. You mind and body belong to me, and I can do with you as I wish. I have so much power over you. I control your existence. I love using my body and bratty attitude to control and manipulate you. This goes even further than you can even comprehend. The hornier you are, the weaker you become, and the more power I obtain. Stroke for me while you think about giving in to me entirely. You’ve always been under my spell, you’ve always been weak, but now you’re coming to accept the fact that you have less freedom and control that you once thought, and it’s slipping from your fingers as I speak. I could fuck you in any way I wanted, literally and figuratively. You might resist at first, but you know inevitably I will be able to do whatever I want with you, and that scares you and turns you on at the same time