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Ellie Idol

American / Westeros
329 5.0
10:39 min - Jul 01 - .MP4 - 267.54 MB - 1920x1080 HD

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This one is unique in that not only are you the victim but you are also a witness to someone else's demise. Ellie riding you into oblivion is definitely the way to go.

I almost lost you in & Poke II before I got the numbers to the safe! Pretending I was just teaching you a lesson, I release your throat and trick you into giving me the safe combo. Just what I needed! Time to finish you off for good. I suddenly get a good whack to the head and it all goes black. Turns out I didn't finish off that slut bartender you were banging! She's back for her revenge! She climbs over my body and throttles me, putting an end to my cruelty once and for all with a dose of her own. She's pissed at first but becomes aroused the longer she me. Once she's finished the job, she rolls me off the bed onto the floor. She's aroused and ready to fuck you! You're weak and can't move much and so she takes advantage of this. Turns out she heard the safe combo. You're fucked! She you as you poke her. She rides and rides, puckering her lips, squeezing her hands tighter around your neck. Her bare tits are bouncing above you making you even weaker as you're also turned on! You can't fight this. Looks like you have a thing for dangerous women and their glossy pouts, which will be the end of you