The Android Incident at Caribou Labs


Tammie Madison

American / UK
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Featuring Special Guest Stars: Ashley Rider and Liz Rainbow The owner of Caribou labs, the creepy and bizarre Dr Diesel Caribou, has set his brightest new technician with the task of creating the most lifelike sexy fembots imaginable. Ultimately, he wants an army female robots with supreme sexual skills so they seduce and destroy his enemies. He has eagerly awaited his first viewing of the superb androids that Dr Tammie Madison has promised him, but today is the day. Dr Madison has invited Dr Caribou to her lab so he can see her progress. After earlier visits where he set back her project by touching and meddling with her experiment, Dr Madison insisted that Dr Caribou stay away until she had something more substantial to show him. Now, her prototypes are ready for an initial inspection. She is pleased with their look and feel, but accepts that there is still quite a ways to go with the programming. They aren't yet ready to perform any sexual acts. So, Dr Madison has provided Dr Caribou with a checklist in order to keep him from pushing her lovely droids too far and causing any damage. However, while showcasing her beautiful creations Dr Madison realises that she has an important call that she absolutely cannot miss. Missing this call could set her back by months, but leaving Dr Caribou alone with her bots could have equally devastating consequences. She decides to take her chances with the call. Before leaving she urges Dr Caribou to stick to the list and insists that he does NOT touch the red button. Under no circumstances is he activate the bots and test their capabilities. Dr Caribou has never been great about following instructions, especially from his subordinates. This is his company and if he feels the need to sample his products he will, regardless of the consequences