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German / Florida
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LoveSweetkiss_69 deleted Sep 6 2017

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You are in your history class with the usual conservative boring teacher.  She is about to give you a quiz on the history of government since 1855! You give her a "special" apple upon arriving.  You bought it in the black market and it is supposed to make the person who bites it, extremely hot and horny!  You tell her that you grow these apples yourself at your house.  She is so pleased.  She can't wait to eat it.  You ask her if you can stay after class for some extra help and she said of course!  So the bells rings, class is dismissed and you are sitting on the other end of her desk watching her take a big bite out of the apple.  Suddenly, she begins sweating....squirming in her chair....ripping at her clothing...saying she is burning up!!! Suddenly, she begins talking very seductively and she begins a sexy striptease for you!!!! Your cock begins to stiffen....your pants are tight...she lets her hair down and removes her glasses!! She is smoking!!! She reveals her sexy red thigh highs and yellow garter belt and red satin panties!Her legs are so perfect, her ass so round and bubbly...and those tits!!! She tells you to take out your cock and begin stroking to your new sex ed teacher!!! No more conservative history teacher!!!!! ENJOY