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Butt3rflyforu is the ultimate MOMMY,horny and sexy milf!! So caring and helpful showing her son were the babies cum out!!!!Hot vid,Rae!!!

Mommy is making your favorite dinner tonight...pot roast in the oven!!! Daddy is again away on business trip so it's just you and me honey for dinner!!! You mention that mommy has a bun in the oven! I look rather shocked and surprised and asked you where you learned that.  You reply that you heard it at school today.  You aren't really sure what it means but I explain that babies are not made and born in a literal oven.  That is just an expression when I mommy is pregnant.  You are very curious and ask mommy if mommy can please show you exactly what happens to make a baby!  "Oh honey, mommy can't do that".  It's a very personal and private thing that happens when two people love each other.  You tell me that you love me and that mommy loves you.  You flash your sweet smile at mommy too!!! You know mommy can't resist your beautiful smile! "Sweetheart.....I can't actually show you.....oh my goodness..."....You beg and plead with mommy!!! Ok Ok Ok...I can't resist you...daddy isn't home....the pot roast has 30 minutes left!  Ok, honey, hold my hand and follow me into mommy's bedroom....but you can't tell anyone who taught you how babies are made!  It is our little secret....come in here and let mommy explain how this happens.......Enjoy