How Far Can You Shoot Your Cum Or Eat It

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Butt3rflyforu is the Queen of Cum Eating Instruction and Masturbation Encouragement games!!It's so hot listen to her voice you do anything she command you to do,the Ultimate Milf!!So HOT and HORNY vid,have to see this one!!!

Hello jerk junkies! I have another fun game for you! This time grab a ruler and a prostate massager before you start.  I want you rock hard too! So edge yourself a little and watch me give you a tease before we start the game! You an buy a lifeline in this game if you think you will lose!  Measure your cock once you are hard and get on your knees! Place the ruler out starting at your knee and measure off the length of your hard cock.  Leave the ruler there and you will be jerking on your knees.  I will give you an option before we start to buy two life lines, but you have to add 3 inches for each one! No you think you can cum and have your load go PAST the ruler???? No flicking your dick or thrusting your hips....just let the orgasm dictate how far your cum goes.  If you lose, you are leaving the game with a full belly !!! Get ready to be your own mop and lick all your cum off the floor.  I will explain the life lines in the video! You think you can win?  I bet not! All you jerk junkies drain your balls all day long to porn! ENJOY