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362 5.0
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LoveSweetkiss_69 deleted - Top reviewer Sep 9 2017
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Mistress Knight,I admire you and you know it!!But when it's about Games i always win,you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sure i love your big titties,sure i love your horny wet pussy,sure i love your hot ass hell i love everything about you!!!!You ever heard of ejaculation delay!!!!!!!!!(LOL)Come and unlock my precious cock bitch and start stroking it!!!!!!!This is sooo hot and horny game vid,i love it!!!!Mistress Knight at her best,dirty talk!Have to see this vid people!!!!!!!REALLY!

I love playing jerk off games with you! You know you are an early jizzer.  You just can't wait til you are given permission to cum.. Your hand does a pretty good job, imagine having a real, wet, tight pussy wrapped around your loser cock!? You would blow in no time lol!  Well I just got a brand new chastity in the mail today and I can't wait to use it on you! It's not a matter of "if", it's a matter of how long you will be locked up!  I am going to tease you relentlessly with my hot body.  I am going to taunt you with a countdown that could start all over and be excessively long! So grab your lube and email me after this video! Whatever number in the countdown you cum, is the number of days your loser dick is locked up and you will also have to eat your load too!!!! Good luck! lol ENJOY