Waiting For You To Come Home-MP4-HD



German / Florida
10:29 min - Sep 17 - .MP4 - 246.58 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Custom Vid- Greg used occasionally.  You are working late and your horny wife is ovulating .  I have been wanting to get pregnant and now is the time.  I can't believe how incredibly aroused and wet I am.  I begin fingering and playing with myself as I know you are working late.  I even went out and bought a hot see through nightie , broke out my highest heels, and made sure my make up and hair was perfect!!!! My pussy is so drenched and my clit feels so good...I just can't wait for you to come through that door and feed me your hard cock.  You finally come home and immediately your cock starts pulsating at the sight of my see through nightie.  You see my huge boobs, hard nipples and no panties on.  I tell you I have been needing you and that it's time...My womb is fertile and is craving your sperm to be injected deep inside me.  I tell you to sit on the bed and let me suck your cock.  I want to make it super wet so it slides right in.....I can't wait to feel that bare cock inside me.  I want to be impregnated.....I want to be knocked up by you.....honey ....it's time!!!! !ENJOY