Your First Kiss With Mommy Leads To More



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I can see something is on your mind look worried about something?  You know you can tell Mommy anything.  I am here for you.  What is bothering you?  You are worried you won't know how to kiss a girl when that time comes?? Are you serious?  My baby boy will be awesome at anything you do!!! You are my son! But if you are that worried, then I have a suggestion.  I want you to get a good sl33p tonight and not have this on your mind!!! You are my amazing son and I would do anything for you!  Mommy can show you how to kiss...we can practice right now! Then you will see how good you are and not even put another thought into it!! Ok?  You just pucker your lips and I will come into will feel mommy's soft lips on yours!!! That's it!! See? That was that is a type of kiss to show affection and love, but you can do kisses that really show open your mouth and we touch tongues....let's try it....hmmmm just gave mommy goose bumps all over!!!! You're a terrific kisser!!! Let's keep practicing!!! Of dear...honey.....look at your pajama that what I think it is?  Is my baby boy getting aroused?  Well mommy can help you with that...I know you know what that is...but I can't have you going to bed with such a hard penis.  Let mommy stroke it a few times....oh like my thong?  Yes mommy wears thongs!  I'm not that old yet!!! Oh my, you are making mommy horny and wet!!! Here sweetie, get on mommy's bed and take off your pj bottoms.  Mommy will work that penis so you cum....Mommy is here for you...I didn't realize a kiss would make my baby boy so aroused......cum for Mommy :) ENJOY