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French / Paris
31:58 min - May 08 - .AVI - 1.91 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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This video is the result of a special request from one of my fans. He wanted me to stuff things in the asshole, fill it up and explode. I told myself that I could try, but it was a first time for me… I put some very sexy underwear, matching my pink glasses, but the guy with whom I made the video went straight to my little asshole. After a little warming with his fingers and lubricant, he started to slip some candies and cherries into my little anus. I found it funny, but when I saw that he was preparing a huge cucumber I started to ask questions… He put me in a position where my asshole was ready to be well, and he inserted tomatoes inside me. It was so good and I pushed so hard to expel them that I pissed with pleasure. It was original, but I liked it … Then we went to the whipped cream. He squashed the tip of the bottle in my ass and filled my anus with whipped cream. I had to keep everything in myself while playing with my clit, until I could not and I expel all in an explosion of enjoyment. There was whipped cream everywhere, and it squirted to my face and in my mouth … A real treat
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