You Jerk As Soon As She Leaves


Crystal Knight

American / Las Vegas. NV
8:02 min - Jul 02 - .MP4 - 293.34 MB - 1280x720 HD


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You love to jerking to me behind her back, don't you? It give you more pleasure than fucking her even...Sneaking around her back getting the ultimate orgasms to a hot young goddess while she's out living her basic boring life without ever suspecting a thing. She thinks hubby a good boy but I know the truth. As soon as she walks out that door you become a little whore. Now get it out and ready to jerk Im going to drain you behind her back AGAIN. Consists of: Homewrecker, Homewrecking, Femdom goddess, tease goddess, goddess worship, mind fuck, mental domination, job, masturbation encouragement, masturbation instruction, cock tease, cum countdown, bratty goddess, brat girl
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