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Road Head Tease & Denial with a Twist

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Samantha Hayes

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1,595 5.0
9:34 min - Jul 02 - .MP4 - 1.35 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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LukeJP Jan 14
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Road head is fuckin HOT! I wanna see you bust this guy at a red light so bad!

I turn the camera on as my boy toy and I talk about this totally cute girl who wants him to fuck her in the ass. I describe what I love the most about threesomes. I drop my phone showing you this is the real deal when it comes to amateur porn and start flashing my pussy, soft and smooth before adjusting the camera to tease my road trip buddy's cock. I pull it out of the side of his shorts, stroking as my red fingers wrap around, teasing and touching. I fumble with the camera as I struggle with my belt, starving for cock. My sunglasses still on I take him into my mouth before throwing them aside, licking and sucking as I make him moan. The camera needs to be moved as my head is shaking way too hard trying to be the best road head giving slut I can. My long brown hair gets in my mouth as I stroke before gagging and spitting all over each inch. I take his balls into my mouth, and then continue licking up and down. I make him gasp and the car bounces, but I keep my mouth on every inch. I watch myself in the camera sucking, turned on at how fun it is to suck. I kiss and lick every inch, struggling to keep my long hair out of my mouth with his cock in. I press him against the side of my cheek, rubbing and hitting, feeling his cock get harder. I'm playing with spit when we have a scare you'll have to buy the clip to see. Tease and Denial Pre Cum Play with Cum Denial