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Trooping Hose

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Schoolgirl Crush

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dubbage - Top reviewer Sep 11 2017
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Loved the hose

After being a scout alone for so long, I thought it was time to increase my ranks. Gia Love has come over expressing interest in joining my troop. In order to make sure she's prepared, I make her try on part of the uniform. I only allow her to wear the pantyhose to see how well she looks in them. Gia doesn't disappoint. Her legs look and feel amazing as I run my hands all of them. Her already firm butt is perked up and contoured fully and I can see her tight little pussy pressed against the pantyhose. As we start rubbing on each other, I order her onto the couch to see how she does rubbing our pussies together. It feels amazing through the pantyhose and as both of us get turned on and get wetter, our pussies slide around in the pantyhose. Gia rubs my little feet all over and even puts them in her mouth! I couldn't help myself either as I nibbled on her cute toes too! We build to our climax together, rubbing on each other's clits and orgasm wildly. Gia is one step closer to being to not only becoming a scout, but even leading her own troop one day