Training for Action


Schoolgirl Crush

American / Florida
7:45 min - Jul 03 - .WMV - 348.04 MB


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Gia Love really wants to join my troop as a scout. I've already had try on the panty hose and test out how kinky she can get. Now I want to see just how well she can fuck. I've given her my trusty strap-on and put her to work. And who should I get her to try it out on? Well, me of course! I need to make sure she's up for the challenge. She lubes up the attachment and carefully slides it into my already wet pussy. Gia's thrusts are incredible and she makes short work in getting me to cum. I think there's a lot of promise for Miss Gia in the scouts. She's earned another badge and may run her own troop soon enough