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Smoke Session With Harlee | Clothed

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450 5.0
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DCDiallo - Top reviewer Jul 4 2017
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First time check out your videos today. Check this particular one out cause two things:
It was free.
& I love smoke sessions.
Harlee teases us w the sports bra as she lights up to get the mind right. In between the session, she throws out a few questions that can drive a man wild...
This is a great video! 5 STAR

Have you ever wanted to smoke with me or watch me smoke? Heres your chance. This is the perfect video to start your day to or even end your day. Tomorrow ill be posting a a nude version of this video where I have a smoke session with you again completely naked. This video is intimate, sexy ut most of all FREE. Feel free to comment and tell me what you think or what you would like to see