The Price of your Mindfucking Addiction


Mistress Salem

Minneapolis & New York City
14:19 min - Jul 03 - .MP4 - 748.03 MB


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How much do you love sniffing and stroking? We are going to make you Our fucked up puppet with Our games. Shiny outfits, sexy guided p***** Princesses, slowly building music, eventual special visual effects all melt your fucking mind for Us. Salem and Cherry want you hopelessly high and floating on waves of pleasure. We take turns giving you strict sniffing instructions while rubbing Our shiny bodies all over each other. We know how weak you are for this feeling. We are going to make you cum but first you must earn it. Can you last? Watch Us play with each other and start stroking under Our command. Poor plaything, you can't get enough, can't stop stroking your cock- keep sniffing slave- stare at Our perfect asses, take a whiff. Worship Our sexy bodies rubbing all over each Other. It's so overwhelming for you- Our tits in your face and the pleasure building... when it's time to cum for Us both, We completely fucking overwhelm you. It's time to inhale deep and get as fucked up as you can - then you will show Us just how much of an ADDICT you are for your substance and your Princesses- how much do you spend on that and this kind of porn in a year? 365 days worth of what you spend on it is what this orgasm is going to cost you. KEEP SNIFFING, KEEP STROKING. Stare at Our asses look into your loser soul and take an inventory of what you've spent! Blow your fucking load for both of Us and pay the price of your obsession!! (clip features littlebatmonster & contains elements of: mindfuck, double domme, ass worship, tit worship, findom, financial domination, humiliation, JOI, Jerk off instruction, mesmerize, femdom pov, edging, orgasm control, goddess worship, edging