Savannahs anal dreams cum true pt.1


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
11:11 min - Jul 03 - .WMV - 666.10 MB - 1440x1080 HD


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Savannah is snoozing in bed. She was in the middle of having the most wonderful dream when her alarm goes of waking her up. She reluctantly stirs from her bed. Ugh, this always happens she complains. I was in the middle of having this crazy hot sex dream where all my deepest desires were about to come true! I didn't even get to cum yet! She sighs in dismay Now I'm all hot and horny, oh well I guess that's what vibrators are for. She reaches behind her pillows to grab her Hitachi. She going to re-imagine her dream, except this time she gets to cum! She plays with her tight panties, enjoying the way the material tugs on her pussy. She teases her pussy like that getting it super swollen, before pulling them off to revel her wet cunt. She sniffs her panties inhaling the smell of her wetness. She puts them in her mouth, twitching at the taste of pussy, Savannah begins to rub her clit. She begins fantasizing about her dream, about the huge cock pounding her pussy. It hurt so gooodddd. Remembering what it felt like being stretched out and filled with cum. She becomes extremely wet as she spreads her pretty pink pussy wide and shoves her fingers in. She can't get enough as her eyes roll back in her head. She turns on the vibe and moans and shivers with please. Savannah screams and squirts everywhere. She pulls out her fingers to show you her dripping cream