Danica Workout Part 2



American / New York
5:54 min - Jul 03 - .MP4 - 169.27 MB


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Danica is back in the gym strutting a pair of see through black panties and her usual high tops. After flexing her calves for you, she removes her panties and shows off her muscular legs and calves as her coach grabs them to feel how solid they really are. She grabs a pair of dumbbells off the rack, does some overhead presses and gives you a flex to show the pump she just developed. Her coach comes over and squeezes her bicep to see how pumped up it really is. She goes into some alternating curls to further her pump as she checks herself out in the mirror across the room. Her coach gets a thrill feeling her shoulders and arms. She heads onto the wooden step and does some stiff-leg deadlifts exposing her pussy, ass and tight hamstrings. She finishes off with some tricep kickbacks and front squats exposing her bare pussy