Spanked Redder Than Hades



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13:23 min - Jul 03 - .MP4 - 1.97 GB


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Watch what happens in my lair in this NEW 13 minute, HD CAM recorded clip. 13 minutes of squirming spanking fun. 13 minutes of my creamy and plump cheeks turning redder and redder with every sting from his palm. I writhe, I squirm, and I always seem to push for more as his hands explore my soft cheeks, my softer yet pussy lips through my panties, and the feeling of his scarlet hot palm prints that he leaves behind. After a brief introduction, I'm on my knees and shown off to the cam. Skirt hiked up to my hips, plum panties scantly protecting me as his palms slap their fury on my soft skin. Taken into multiple teasing positions, it's with a close view watch as my skin reddens. Get into my LAIR