Independence Day or Codependence Day? by


Kerri King

American / US
14:16 min - Jul 04 - .MP4 - 429.48 MB


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happy 4th eve! you adore me in my bikinis, and so does your cock, which in turn is seldom controlled by your mind. i'm the one who makes the rules, demands, and my own happiness via your wallet. i celebrate you impending int-ox session with a red, a white, and you guessed it..a blue bikini! with each outfit, your codependency on me grows, in which of course, you pay handsomely. after all, aren't holidays a reason to celebrate and honor your queen? then again, everyday is, so you need to make this one special. i do my fair share of cock teasing during your little & [***] regimen, all for you to tribute and have a spur of the moment jerk & orgasm (or else). you wouldn't want to disappoint me on a holiday would you? i look so incredible in my tiny wicked weasel bikinis, that you think you'll pop from the beginning, but the only thing you might be popping is something you drin k, and something you inhale