Trampled By Luck


Ms Joy Luck

American / Los Angeles
6:30 min - Jul 03 - .MP4 - 366.15 MB


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Your little housewife is fed up with your bullshit. You haven't helped with chores, you left the dishes in the sink, and the kid's toys aren't put away! Your wife is so angry that she could just...trample you! She pulls a mannequin from the corner and demonstrates how she would stomp and trample you with her perfect shiny heels. You would be a bug beneath her and then maybe you would learn your damn lesson! Joy isn't finished yet though...the mannequin doesn't seem to be making an impact. Next she pulls out a dildo, explaining in detail how she would crush your balls with the point of her perfect heels . She would trample the head of your cock, with the toe of her heel and then rock her entire perfect foot back and forth over it to leave you in excruciating pain. That's when she notices that you haven't put the kids toys away and gets really irritated! She orders you to get on your knees and lick the dirty filthy bottom of her perfect shoes. Maybe after being crushed like a bug you'll learn some respect