Golden Luck


Ms Joy Luck

American / Los Angeles
5:12 min - Jul 03 - .MP4 - 291.05 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Today is your lucky day... Mistress Joy has kindly allowed you to sip her golden nectar after being such a good pet lately. Of course, nothing ever comes easy though and she wants to tease you with it first! She sits on the her porcelain throne after seductively sliding her panties down, praising you for being such a good boy and musing if she's reeeaally going to let you sip her nectar. Mistress lets a small stream pass through and then stops herself. Why don't you come over and lick her clean? Come lick her delicious droplets from her beautiful ass. Mistress Joy has been sipping coffee after all, and the taste will be particularly potent. Finally she produces a clear cup and allows her golden stream to fill the cup. She holds it out to you, inviting you to indulge... Before ordering you to lick her ass clean one more time. Now you may be rewarded with a gulp. Aren't you parched from proving yourself