Worshipping Luck


Ms Joy Luck

American / Los Angeles
6:01 min - Jul 03 - .MP4 - 335.36 MB


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Aww poor little pet, you're chained juuust within reach of Joy. Literally! Joy loves caressing her body and watching you squirm as she teases you in her red lingerie. The wisps of lace barely cover her beautiful breasts as she runs her mainucred hands slowly, slowly down her body. Over the smooth expanse of her stomach, the curve of her hip, and down her long legs until you're drooling by the time you notice her shiny black heels. You can circle her and watch, but you cannot touch. Joy loves teasing you and she sensually turns this way and that, arching her body and shaking her ass as you ache to touch her, aroused by her perfect body. Of course Joy is a perfect Goddess - that's why she's so beautiful and why you should be grateful to at least gaze upon her body while she gives you a show. Worship her nicely and she might reward you