Aaliyahs a Tease

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You’ve been dating Aaliyah Love for over a month and you haven’t had sex yet, she has been hurt before and wants to take things slow, like glacier slow. You’re trying really hard not to pressure her but you really need sex. She has an idea, she’s going to give you an sexy strip tease and then you can masturbate together! She comes out in stockings with a sexy panty set and for a girl that’s not having sex she drips sexuality. Posing in different ways so you can see every inch of her body, exploring that body with her hands, you can’t help but get rock hard watching her. Her bra comes off and those tits are amazing. She talks dirty to you, talking about how wet her pussy is getting. She pulls off her g-string panties. Oh that pussy looks so tight! She finger fucks her pussy, who knew your girlfriend is a closet sex freak? Maybe she’s worth the wait after all