Glove Goddess Jerks You Off


Evil Opal

American / Florida
13:40 min - Jul 14 - .MP4 - 759.80 MB


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I wear gloves an awful lot; I really do love my gloves. I love all sorts of gloves, from cute lacy wrist gloves to wicked leather gauntlets but my favorite style might be my signature opera-length satin gloves. They make me feel so sensual and sexy! In this clip I tease you exquisitely with my gloves. I start by putting them on lovingly and caressing my ripe curves with my satiny black hands. Then I give a detailed demonstration of exactly how YOU would experience my gloved hands. BUY THIS CLIP NOW and imagine what it would feel like to have my satiny fingers stroking, caressing, and squeezing you, as you follow my instructions and stroke along with me