My Daughter the Stripper

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Amber deen Jul 22 2017

loved shooting this clip! x

My Daughter the Stripper Starring Amber Deen You've started to suspect that Amber, your daughter, is not telling the whole truth about what she does for a living. She claims she is a nail technician, but she is always coming home from work in the early hours of the morning dressed in next to nothing. On top of that, she seems to have a lot of disposable cash for someone her age. You've decided you need to confront her, you think she dances for a living. Amber has always been daddy's little angel, your princess, your everything. You're not troubled by her dancing for a living, you're just upset that she feels she needs to keep it from you. There was a time when you shared everything; you'd give anything to return to those days. Amber is not too pleased that you are trying to discuss her occupation with her. "Daddy, do we have to have this conversation now? I'm tired, I just want to go to bed." At first, she is confrontational, deflecting your questions, batting her eyelids reminding you that she is your good girl. You persist and she confesses. "I just worry that it's sleazy Amber." "How can it be sleazy daddy? I'm doing nothing wrong. it's innocent, look, I'll show you." Your daughter gives you a lap dance, explaining the rules of the club and what she does and does not do. Unfortunately, she loves dancing and her job so much that she gets a little carried away, forgetting she's dancing for her daddy. "Sorry daddy, I never put my nipples in a man's mouth. Sorry daddy, I never spread my pussy and play with it. Sorry daddy, money doesn't turn me on and I never suck dick at the club. Sorry daddy, I never let the men touch my flower." Amber can tell that you are aroused. She swallows your cock whole before telling you that sucking daddy's cock makes her pussy wet. As you finger fuck your daughter on the sofa, Amber looks at you and asks, "Is this wrong daddy? or is this right?" She lets out the most mischievous and infectious giggle encouraging you to fuck her. You take her in missionary and doggy, "Daddy, your cock feels so fucking good! I can't wait to see daddy's cum!" There are certainly benefits of having a daughter who is a stripper