Granny Uses Tied Up Toyboy as Sex Slave


Big Johnny

British / London
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Big Johnny meets his Neighbour Sexy Glamorous Granny Lady Sextasy at a Party! He has always dreamed off fucking her and she knows it! She feeling horny so decides too invite him up hotel room letting Big Johnny think he finally going get Fuck her after all these Years and be her Toyboy! Instead she Ties Up her Toyboy Johnny & Uses Him as her Sex Slave! She Dominates Him For Her Own Pleasure! Playing with herself - Teasing him with her Fingers and Dildo & then Face Sitting making him Lick out her Old Wet Juicy Pussy to Orgasm so she Cums! She then leaves him on her bed while she goes off out for the evening leaving him tied up & sexually frustrated with a hardon after not letting him cum! Leaving him begging for more to be her Toyboy Sex Slave! XXX Tease & Denial