Savannahs dreams cum true pt.2


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
9:55 min - Jul 04 - .WMV - 590.83 MB


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In this part 2 update Savannah has soaked the bed in her squirt. She peels off her shirt to reveal cute perky breasts. Since she has no where to be, she wants to shove a cock inside her, just like in her dream. She reaches in a drawer to pull out a lifelike dildo. Savannah wraps her pretty lips around it and begins to suck. She wants to play with the g spot in the back of her throat. She deep throats the cock and gags herself. Her eyes roll back in her head and she twitches with ecstasy. She covers the dick with spit and shoves into her pussy. She is so horny and turned on that her pussy starts dripping white creamy juices. She fucks her mouth and pussy making both holes wet wet and dripping with spit and cum. Savannah uses her spit to play with her breasts, teasing them and getting super sloppy. She moans uncontrollably as she squirts over and over again. This horny slut can't get enough, she wants fuck all of her holes.... Enjoy extreme squirting with creamy cum and spit play