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Wowww!!! I am wearing my lace tight dress and my ashonishing high heels today for this special occasion, let´s cheers for ThunderAngie, probably the sexiest burping girl in your house :-P For the first few minutes I will try to hold on the gas of my Coke in my belly and I will contain my throat from burping, will I be able to have my mouth shut? It is a difficult task, indeed. Swallowing your burps is the "correct" thing for many stuck-up people. But above all, being "polite" is so fucking boring, don´t you think? I don´t want this, I want to burp! I love the melody of the air thundering my throat! And you do, too! So why holding on? That is not funny at all. Then my first burps start getting out of my mouth. You see me sexier and hotter now with my shiny eyes and my big smile. That is my real secret: my happiness while burping makes me pretty and bubbly. It doesn´t matter what clothes or make-up I wear. The secret of my charm is the joy in my eyes doing something I love and makes me laugh and enjoy. That is how I conquest your heart, darling. Well, my long legs, my deep cleavage and my whispering voice helps too. I am a real sexual earthquake :-) YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you already know my blessings, and also if you don´t yet! HIGHLIGHTED: those indiscreet glimpses of my panties along the clip. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW