Brat Girl Tease: U R Not Good Enough

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Brittany Lynn is laying naked on her bed with her big tits in all their glory. She gets up and starts to rub her body telling you that she is glad you are there to see her naked. Her nipples are even hard and that is perfect. Perfect to tease you with that is. In true brat girl form she comes right out and tells you to enjoy what you see and go ahead and jerk off because this is the closest you will ever get to having sex with her. She knows she is better than you and reminds you of it over and over again. She is perfect and you are nothing more than a loser. She changes positions and shows off all parts of her tight body. She shows off her tight ass, smacking and bouncing it to see you suffer and then she leans back showing off her big tits again. All the while she teases you with saying things like, if only she would let you touch her. But, she won't. She embraces the role of being a brat girl and while she is not overly mean to you, she does let you know that you simply are not good enough to be with her physically. What's more, she doesn't want you to get any false hope because you will never be able to be with someone as sexy as she is. She tells you to go ahead and cum in your hand or in some tissues as you just are not god enough to have her. She giggles and laughs some more at you showing that she is a true brat girl who knows her place, and she thinks you should know your place beneath her as well. Included in this clip: Bratty Girls, Naked, Big Tits, Tight Asses, Posing, Teasing, Tease and Denial, You are Not Good Enough, Put Downs, Verbal Put Downs, Blonde Brat Girl, Blondes, Brittany Lynn