Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday

Coed Cutie Gets Your Mind Off The Books



Nigerian / Candyland
10:03 min - Jul 24 - .MP4 - 392.35 MB


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HD - Your dorm room neighbor gets bored and slips into your room to show off her goodies. This young lady usually enjoys the company of other lovely ladies, but tonight she has nothing to do and finds teasing some local male soul amusing. Busy studying and working on a project simultaneously, you hardly notice she's in nothing but a thong and socks. Seeing how busy you are, she begins to make her exit. She doesn't get to leave as you chime in on this recent luck you've been granted nerd. This Ebony Goddess takes some pity on your 4.0-driven soul and shares her much talked about asset with you in your study chair. She's got dirty mouth on her and it makes you wonder what she's been studying and professor you have to thank because she has you rock solid. :)   THIS CLIP LOLLIPOP AND STICKS IT WHERE?! FOR: ASS WROSHIP - JOI - SOCKS - THONG FETISH - MOANING FETISH - THIGH FETISH - ROLE PLAY