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Talking about a 24/7 household slave

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Today I'm visiting Mistress Fiona, apparently she's a mistress, I didn't even know about this lol! She told me the door would be unlocked, so I could come over whenever I like, I knocked & entered like we agreed by text. But she was locking up her slave (???) I didn't even know about this!! This came as a total surprise and I had sooo many questions about it. The slave she owns is a 24/7 household slave, this means he is ALWAYS available to her and he obeys her very well. But he also obeys anyone else that she agrees with, so I've let him lick my shoes because there was a little dirt on it from walking to her place. We also talked about the chastity cage that he was wearing. Obviously we got thirsty from all the chitchatting, so we asked the slave to get us some water, on his knees... I love girls nights like this!

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