Annie skips a job interview

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Xlife2685 - Top reviewer Sep 22 2017
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Very fucking hot

Annie finally showed up, almost an hour late, in a nice summer dress thinking that she was in for a spanking because she didn't go to a job interview like she was suppose to. Ron met her at the gate and told her to strip on her way to the spanking room and that by the time she was in the door everything had better be off. She didn't want more of a spanking than what she was in for already so by the time she got inside was was bare ass naked from head to toe. This time she would begin her spanking in a different position than she'd ever been spanked in before. This left her bottom and everything very exposed. She knew that the spanking she had coming was one she deserved and needed but the new positions left her bottom even more sore. Her spanking was on a perfect day. The day before starts her new job and two days before the 4th of July. She is to keep a close account of her being late to work and if she gets fired she will feel the fire all over her bottom once again