Sisters Compete Over Daddy's Dick

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nibiruun Jul 9 2017
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berpl you are just 2 cute. don't let the haters get you down - stay cool

lostatmidknight Jul 28 2017
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I'll admit I found this a little funny at first but overall it was pretty hot.

Berpl and Puck are two jealous sisters who can't seem to outgrow their sibling rivalry. This time it's over who is the best at pleasing Daddy with their wet mouth! Daddy does his best to give them equal time with his huge cock, but it's not enough to keep Berpl from shoving Puck out of the way so she can have Daddy all to herself. It doesn't deter Puck - she steals Daddy right out of Berpl's mouth and takes the cumshot all for herself. But they're not going to stop milking Daddy's cum until he decides. Who's the better cocksucker, Daddy?? You have to pick one or it'll never end!! Check out Little Puck:
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