Tinder Date Ends In Diapers

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Veronica is on the hunt for an AB to keep forever. Her friend told her about Tinder and she is giving it a try. With her big boobs and being so sexy she has no trouble getting a match and having an unsuspecting young guy promise to come to her place straight away. He thinks he is getting sex but Veronica has other plans. Once he is in her bedroom she asks if he wants to get kinky. He would promise anything at this stage to get into her pussy so he agrees. She takes of his jeans and gives his cock a touch up then manacles his ankles and handcuffs him so he is restrained on her bed. Then she tells him she is going to slip into something comfortable and moves to her bathroom where she undresses and slips on sexy lingerie and stockings - and a disposable diaper! Back in the bedroom she has hidden the diaper with a satin robe. She teases they guy flashing her big tits and long legs. This is going to be an awesome fuck he reckons. But them is all goes terribly wrong. She shows him the sposie she is wearing then uncovers shelves to expose a huge collection of diapers and stuff. She tells him he is going to be her little boy and first she must diaper him. Because his ankles are still restrained she must cut off his jocks with scissors. Next she wipes him thoroughly clean and sprinkles on powder. He is caught between being horrified and embarrassed to enjoying the attention she is giving his rapidly hardening cot. Finally he has a diaper on and feels so humiliated. Veronica asks if he would like a glass of water but brings in a bottle full of formula. This is so wrong but strangely comforting. He nods off as she smiles knowingly. It is the next morning when he wakes and as his eyes open and focuses he is shocked to see he is still firmly restrained but in a big cot in a fully equipped nursery - with a wet diaper. He has actually peed into his diaper overnight. Veronica comes in to change him just like his mommy used to. Then she puts him in a big high chair to deed him mushy fruit for breakfast. He cannot believe he has been made to be a again. After his morning spoon feed he has to go back into his cot and be tied up again. He wets his diaper again and Veronica changes again. He struggles to try get away from this nightmare but gets some good hard spanks for his trouble. Finally with a fresh sposie on he is left manacled in the cot totally under his new mommy's control