Fully Homewrecked and Mindfucked


Mistress Salem

Minneapolis & New York City
8:35 min - Jul 06 - .MOV - 620.18 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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I have invaded your mind & distracted you so thoroughly from your wife/girlfriend that you lay in bed next to her & can't even stop yourself from compulsively thinking about Me. I command your fantasies, daydreams, even your nightmares- you're terrified of her finding out! I know that a small part of what excites you & makes your cock throb is the danger- you would be in so much trouble if she found out! But you can't stop. I'm your homewrecking fantasy & I toy with you, tease you, mesmerize you, mindfuck you, seduce you with My mesh bodysuit, thigh-high nylons & pink high heels. I bring you to the brink then I command you to carry out a task for Me! Since you are married but secretly obsessed with Me, your punishment is to fuck your wife or your girlfriend for ME! I'm going to show you exactly how- you are going to service her just as if you were worshiping and serving My perfect pussy! Cum for Salem now and forever, loser- you need My control. (Clip contains elements of: homewrecker, homewrecking, mindfuck, goddess worship, JOI, high heels, long legs, humiliation, mesmerize, pussy worship, tease & denial, slave task, orgasm control, thigh-high nylons, blonde, bratty goddess, femdom pov