POV Giantess squashes and eats you


Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
5:24 min - Jul 06 - .MP4 - 440.18 MB


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In this 5 Minute and 27 clip, the GIANTESS is looking DOWN on YOU."Aw, Look at you. Your so SMALL and PATHETIC. You think that you deserve to live? Thats pretty hilarious. AND live in my presence? Ha. I see you constantly lurking around my pool like a little fucking GROSS INSECT. What are you even doing here? Your fucking pathetic. How are you even alive? Its sad. Look at you, Your just so tiny. ugh. I could CRUSH you so EASILY and I bet you'd like it to, wouldnt you? You'd LOVE it if I CRUSHED you. So how can I CRUSH you and make it as UNAPPEALING as possible to you? Hmmm. I could find a big fat guy to sit on you...I bet you'd love that...NOT.I could just CRUSH you with my finger...It would be so easy too. Aw are you already screaming? Its pathetic! So pathetic!Your so sad, Just look at you! What made you ever think that Id let you live near my pool? and watch me get in and out of it and undress and all the other things I do in my pool.Its fucking pathetic, and I know youll keep coming around unless I do something about it.Soooo...Should i CRUSH you with my fingers....I could even crush you with just my pinky! I could crush you with my knee! See, I think youd enjoy it too much but I could crush you with my TITS but youd just enjoy that too much.I could...EAT YOU! I do really like the idea of eating you...But what else could I do....ooo I could SMASH you with my BOOTY, squash you with my ass!What do you think? Think I should do that? ;)After smot*ering you with my ass...."Your still alive?! How is that possible?! I guess you have a little bit more strength then I anticipated. hmmm I think Im going to eat you after all because you were enjoying my ASS just a little too much!"Say goodbye to the cruel cruel world!"CLIP INCLUDES: GIANTESS, CRUSH, FACE SITTING, HUMILIATION, VORE, EXECUTRIX