Brother Fucks Destitute Little Sister



American / Las Vegas
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No matter how hard or how often I workout, I am still SO FUCKING HORNY!!! My little sister got kicked out of my parent's house for being naughty. Well, she has been staying with me for awhile now, and she doesn't pay any rent. I need to shower but she is in there naked, doing her hair. I love watching her as I shower and jerk off to her hot ass and sweet little tits. She is turning me on so much!!! I HAVE TO FUCK HER!!! I bend her over the sink and rub her pussy until it's wet enough for me to stuff my cock inside of her! Oh, she feels SO fucking good. She loves it! I make her cum. I need to take her to the bed now! She lies back on the bed waiting for me to stuff my cock inside her again! I am going to cum all over her face