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Welcome to Average Joe's where we feature everyday guys with amazing models way out of their league. We have summer hot one here. Delicate Lilah came by to help one of our Average Joes with a nice backyard blowjob. As you can see this Joe is abit chunky like that dude you work with you know whats his face there. Lilah is a retired MFC model that is notorious for being a naughty young Asian and well the cousin to Little Mina. Lilah came dressed in her little school girl outfit looking simply amazing. We had our Joe sit back and soak up some sun rays as this Asian beauty slowly sucks his cock. She pulls out our lucky guys cock and slowly starts licking up and down his shaft making his cock swell up. She works his cock with her hand at the same time deep throating every inch of his erect throbbing juicy cock. He pops off a few in her mouth but that doesn't stop her she keeps sucking his cock. He actually keeps his cock up after his 1st loads and she is loving that as you can see. She smiles at the camera and continues to work his shlong. This little whore really does love cock and you can see it in this hot one. Finally after some long stroke with her mouth our Joe pops his final pop shot and it gets all over. She will be back for some more we are sure. Next time maybe you can join