My plank exercise challenge in the park



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Oh no! I am scared, I am terrified! It is time for abs plank exercise! How long will I hold on on the floor with my abs burning? I have gone to the park to do some exercise and today I have the plank challenge: three plank series holding on as much as I am able. Tomorrow I will probably be in bed the whole day :-) bye, bye, evil world! I am wearing my tight leggins and my yellow t-shirt, and of course my super sexy ponytail. I am always a divine woman even when exercising my body. See how much I suffer and how my body starts trembling when I am really tired, in the last seconds of every plank... how long do you think I will hold on? My arms try to be strong, my face is really red, I shut my eyes strong and above all, I try not to think about the effort and the pain: the pain is just in my mind, there is no pain, Angie, there is no pain... this is to show off my bikini in summer... YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you enjoy the smell of a burnt chicken :-P HIGHLIGHTED: There is moment I found a disgusting slug in the grass just a few inches away from my face, aaagghhhhh! I had to resist! INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW