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Welcome to Average Joe's where we feature everyday guys with amazing models way out of their league. Saya Song is back in this hot video. Saya is an extremely hot Asian Adult star who our lucky Average Joe gets to experience. Saya has an amazing tan body, sexy tattoos and one hell of a mouth on her. Our Joe looks like to be middle aged and with a belly hopefully he can hang with our special guest. We open with her laying inbetween out Joes legs in black stockings. She smiles at the camera then slowly and sensually starts to suck on our Joes limp cock. Saya licks the shaft and works the head with her tongue. Our Joe reacts to her tongue and lets out a moan, so we know she is really good. She then slides his erect cock down her throat over and over. Working the shaft as well with her tongue and hands. She smiles at the camera and deep throats his entire cock. We hear her struggle with keeping it all the way down her throat. Saya really knows her way around a cock a she works his throbbing cock like no other. She slowly moves her legs back and forth in the back ground as she slobbers all over his hard cock. Saya wants his warm load and really gets into it as she deep throats him over and over. Finally our Joe can't hold back anymore and lets off his massive load in her mouth, she smiles and swallows some and lets abit drool out of her mouth. Suck a great cock sucker