Airbag Seat Belt Save Hottie in Accident

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A sexy blonde in a nice blouse is seen face first into a fully deployed airbag. She is not sure what happened at first but as she pulls her face out of the airbag she realizes she was just in a car accident. She gathers by the fact that her airbag is out too, that it was a serious accident. She feels her head hurt from hitting the airbag and her chest hurt from where the seat belt held her tight. Though she is in some pain, she starts to realize just how bad it could have been had she not had her airbag deploy and if she had no seat belt on. She starts to feel really grateful and then starts talking about how safe her car really is. She is so happy she had her seat belt on and even more happy she had her airbag pop out to protect her. In fact, she hugs her airbag a couple times as she knows she might be a goner without it. As the airbag slowly deflates she pokes and prods at it a bit as she continues to talk about how luck y she was in this car accident. She will be able to go on an enjoy life thanks to her inflatable hero and her steadfast seat belt. She will never be without either anytime she drives. Included in this clip: Airbag, Seat Belt Fetish, In Car, Car Accident, Balloons, Blouse Fetish, Outdoors, Airbag Deployed, Fully Deployed Airbag, Accident Talk, Hot Blondes, Blondes