Late Dinner

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Bettie Bondage

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You're gorgeous! What a lucky husband you have (-;

jimmy5163 - Top reviewer Jul 14 2017
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Hey Bettie is my all time favorite gal as she never fails to totally please her audience. She is so sexy and beautiful in all her vids, and she has a talent for becoming the part which she depicts. She keeps the viewer in suspense and on the edge of his seat as she teases and pleases. This vid is a must watch as all her videos her!

You're in the kitchen when your mother comes in, wearing only a pair of tight jeans, heels, and a push up bra...strange. She's smiling and bending over a lot, too. She tells you that she's sorry dinner will be late, but Dad was helping her in the bedroom with...something. She smirks at you. Is she saying what you think she's saying? No...but she is wearing just a bra in front of her own son...this is all very confusing. "Oh hi sweetie.....I'm sorry I'm not completely dressed, but I was in a hurry to make you dinner. Your father will be gone for a while." She bends down to get an apron from the cabinet, teasing you with her ass. She moves closer as you start to get hard, "Honey," she says, "your dad and I just had sex, and my pussy is still wet and full of his cum...I love it when you stare at me and fantasize about fucking me. I've always wondered what it would be like to fuck you!!" You can't believe what she's saying...she tells you that she always loved the way you got so interested in her privates when you were young and would follow her into the bathroom. "Come watch, sweetie, aren't you still that curious boy?" she struts to the bathroom, teasing you with her cum filled pussy as she pees and touches herself. You're hard as a rock as she tells you she wants you to add a load to her messy cunny. You practically run to the bedroom as she lays down and begs you to come fuck her. As you start to stroke your cock against her wet pussy, she tells you how badly she's always wanted this, wanted you. She tells you about how you're going to fill her pussy first with your cock and then your cum. She's a total cum slut, she confesses, and she needs both her husband and her son to fill her! Pulling you in deeper and urging you to cum, she admits that she isn't on birth control but she wants you to flood her fertile hole. "Besides," she purrs, "there will be no way to tell whose it might as well give me your cum, son...&quot