Summer Farting in Jean Short Shorts

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712 5.0
5:16 min - Jul 07 - .MP4 - 63.05 MB - 720x480


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Beautiful booty, cute toots, and some exciting dirty talk!

Ryanyee Sep 14
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Two words: worth it. Fart vids with real farts are so rare these days. Geisha is not only hot as fuck, her perfect ass produces awesome sounding toots, and she doesn't pump. I wish I could stick my face in her wonderful booty while she rips them, and then have wild sex afterwards. A guy can dream right? Just get this clip, you won't be disappointed.

purplewind002 Jan 19 2018
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The denim shorts farts were better than the nylon ones in my opinion, but there are some really nice-sounding toots - how I'd love to feel the vibrations with my nose stuck between her butt cheeks! Ha ha :D

graystain Oct 16 2017
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Felt like I was right there, under that delicious ass. I could SMELL those farts! :D
You're definitely getting your moneys worth.

A compilation of me wearing a combination of jean short shorts and nylon black shorts farting. Pointing my ass directly at the camera wanting you to get a whiff. Come see how sexy my latina ass looks while farting. This was shot in HD but there are only a few short clips slightly out of focus. Great quality and my farts are 100% natural