Paint My Toes White With Your Cum

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WOW!!!! Jenny Jett is another super sexy girl I could not wait to work with! Jenny is amazing. She has size 8-8.5 feet that are nice and wide and she has nice meaty soles. Even better, she has nice high aches, too. She's got a golden brown tan and the the tops of her feet are nice and tan, too. She is the ultimate tease and she knows what she's doing. See her tease my cock on top of my shorts. She knows this is driving me crazy. She is is soft and sensual and talks so sexy as if she's the one directing this footjob clip. Who am I to say otherwise, lol? Jenny had been on my radar for awhile now and now it's finally happening. She looks especially hot with her glasses on, too. I love her soft sexy voice you hear throughout this clip. As I lick her bare feet, she continues to tease my cock by unbuttoning my shorts and sliding her other foot inside my boxer shorts just teasing the tip and my shaft. She is excellent at edging! I love this more and more these days where a girl brings me to the brink of cumming but not letting me. Once my shorts are pulled down completely, she pulls my cock out with her hands and gently strokes my cock and balls edging me some more. I also lick the back of her ankles while she plays with my dick. I cannot begin to tell you how lucky I am to lick these feet but to feel those wide feet and super wrinkled meaty soles on my cock. She then starts stroking my cock with both feet. Jenny then asks for some oil and then she applies it and we are off to the races with great cock stroking action. She then demands that I paint her toes and feet white with my cum and I do just that and the load gushes out all over her feet! You won't want to miss this gem! Jenny Jett is incredible and I plan to work with her again soon, most likely as soon as Fetish Con! Stay tuned