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Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
399 5.0
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shooter5 - Top reviewer Apr 9
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Another great job by Iron getting a new cute teen to suck his cock and swallow a load. She couldn't take it very deep but she but in a good effort and managed to swallow down his load with a bit of effort and grimace lol

I love first impressions, shooter5, and it sounds like you to, too!  Glad you enjoyed Jessica's vid!  Cheers! :)

18yo JESSICA aka PSYCHO LOVER BJ SWALLOW I met Jessica when she came over to my place for a cocksucking casting. She has a Chinese script tattoo on her chest that reads "Psycho Lover." She chose the name because she had a violent fight with her boyfriend. Plus, she's psychotic in bed, she says. 18 years old. First day in porn. This is her second shoot. Originally from Joplin, Missouri. She says there are lots of dr*gs there. She got into the industry by searching out a porn agent online. She likes sex and says she's been with 46 guys. Lost virginity at 13 to her 16 year old boyfriend. Oldest guys she's been with has been in his 40s, a trick. She used to be an escort, starting right after she turned 18. Her 1st call was with a regular of the agency. 5 minutes of chit chat, then the clothes came off and she fucked the stranger. One guy wanted her to change his diaper and feed him a bottle. Another man wanted to beat her ass with a paddle. She turns around and takes her jeans down. Plump rump, her favourite part of herself. 36B boobs. 5'6" 125lbs. She has "Mom" as a tramp stamp tattoo, a gift to herself when she was 13. Jessica's mom is her best friend and knows what she's doing. She models a large tattoo at the top of her back. It was done by a friend of hers right before he went to prison for selling dr*gs. She used to smoke weed and do crystal meth. Boyfriend gave her a heart pendant and necklace, which she shows me. He knows what she's doing today and says they are both "freaks." Other work experience: warehouse, waitressing, grocery store, and fast food. She knows the minimum wage all too well. Poses in doggy. Sweet asshole. Size 7 feet. No boyfriend has ever sucked her toes. Jessica used to fuck in the back of theatres back in Joplin when she was 14. I invite her to her knees and she sucks my cock. Two-hands on dick along with her mouth on the tip. Feels great! Ball licking. She's nervous about swallowing but says she'll do it if it makes me happy. From her knees, she looks up and says, "Feed me!" right before I dump a thick wad into her mouth. Her eyes start to water but she swallows it in one go