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Must-Have for any Trish Collins / PoV Foot Worship Fan!

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Hot af ! Best foot fetish girl out there. Love you Trish; keep going on \0/

You’ve had this teacher who gives you French lessons over, pretty recently. She makes you practice the language by talking with you, and charges you by the end of each session. Problem is, you (voluntarily ?) told her you couldn’t pay for a while now, and she gets pretty upset about it. You figure out she’s probably kind of crazy since she starts a dramatic lecture about how her life is a failure and how bad she needs money. But well, you’ve always been a nice guy with her, and when frustration and anger merge into a domination craving, you need to prove how dedicated you are to that pretty French flower whom you want to keep close to you. She definitely needs some kind of attention, and something she might be able to take control of. Who knows where this could lead ? So, this video is a little bit more “dom” than usual, but it’s still very gentle. As usual it’s all about POV foot worship, and I’m pretty sure you will like this video. If you want me to be your French queen, you’ll definitely need that one ! (btw I hope you’ll like the excerpt I read in French at the beginning – those are my favorite lines from my favorite book !) Love. Trish